Breeding Tallis Persians

Let's face it, breeding cats is not going to bring in a fortune and is not for the faint hearted. You have to have a strong love for the breed, boundless patience and a keen interest on trying to produce healthy cats of a high show quality.
I currently own the following cats


CCC of A Champion and Gold Grand Champion Chinlea Ace Magic (Black)

Silver Grand Champion Tallis Dreamweaver (Red)

Grand Champion Tadala Wizard of Oz (Blue Tabby Point Himalayan)


Silver Grand Champion Tallis Antiquity Lace (Tortoiseshell)

Champion Just a Whisper (Red)

Amaya Chelsea Brown (Seal Point Himalayan)

Champion Amaya Madama Butterfly (Blue Cream Point Himalayan)

Chinlea Lady Alouette


Tallis Black Prince

Tallis Lady Nimue


I pride myself on my dedication to raising properly socialised kittens that are healthy and full of personality.
Please feel free to email or phone me if you would like to enquire about purchasing a Tallis Persian kitten. Prices vary according to whether the kitten is to be a pet or a show cat.